NEN Recruitment - Team Members

NEN(National Entrepreneur Networks) is recruiting Team Members(TM) for the Academic Year 2016-17
Date: 18/07/2016 (Monday)
Time: 1:30 to 4 PM
Venue: Will be disclosed Tomorrow(18/07/2016)
Who can Attend: 2nd & 3rd Years

Q. What is NEN?
A. NEN stands for National Entrepreneurship Network. It is a platform conceived by Wadhwani Foundation in 2003, to provide an opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to take the leap of faith while NEN provides the backing to the idea that would make an excellent startup.

Q. What is Idea Dimension?
A. NEN is supported in our college by the E-Cell Idea Dimension. In a nutshell, all the activities of NEN in our college is managed by Idea Dimension.

Q. Since when is NEN in our college?
A. To be precise, Idea Dimension has been actively running NEN in our college from 2008 and it has been continuing that tradition with each set of top tier leaders being succeeded by the leaders under them. Presently, this is the 8th year of NEN in our college.

Q. So, what do we do in NEN?
A. We do a lot of stuff ranging from holding workshops on various topics like entrepreneurship, improving interpersonal skills, etc. We also conduct various events which are not only learning oriented, but also fun. The best possible example for this would be the E-Week, going to be held this year from 15th Feb to 20th Feb and there are going to be many events. (Keep watching for the posters). There is also TATA First Dot, held every year by TATA. People are encouraged to go there with their ideas for startups and the winners or whichever ideas they feel are worthy, are given support, both financially and also a huge base to have a stable beginning.

Q. What departments are there in NEN?
A. There are 4 departments in NEN.
  1. Marketing: These guys are in charge of all the business stuff and all the finance, canvassing, and all the important stuff.
  2. Creative: These guys are in charge of all the colourful stuff and all the creative behind-the-scenes work. They are responsible for the posters and the props.
  3. Startup: These guys are responsible for fostering all the people with potential ideas that can grow into startups worth a lot of experience and probably some profit.
  4. Online Tech Support: These guys are the tech wizards who keep the whole internet based activities of Idea Dimension running smoothly.
Q. Say, how do I join Idea Dimension?
A. Well, it is simple. Every year, we have a selection process for team members and.... Well, before I forget. The hierarchy runs like this. E-leaders (ELs)--> Team Leaders (TLs)--> Team Members (TMs) So, back to where we were. Every year we have a selection process for choosing the team members and then after successfully clearing it, they will formally be recognized as Team members after the Induction program. Team Leaders are selected based on the contribution they have done towards NEN and other parameters like leadership, potential for improvement and etc. The E-leaders are chosen on the same parameters as that of Team leaders but they have more stringent criteria to meet. (Well, you get cool shirts and personal badges, so it is worth it.)

Q. Whom do I contact?
Akshay Viswajith - 9866559806
Satya Konala - 7893850845
Bharath Kumar - Online Tech Support - 7799140140
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