AMCAT Assessment

Name: AMCAT Assessment
Duration of Exam: 3.5hrs​
Date of Exam: 3rd Aug 2016
  • CSE, IT, EEE: 9:30AM -1:00PM
  • ECE & ME: 2.00 PM - 5.30PM
  1. HCLTechnologies
  2. Wipro
  3. Accenture
  4. Microsoft Research
  5. HSBC
  6. Ericsson
  7. Sapient
  8. Mphasis
  9. HPCompany
  10. Titan
  11. NTT DATA
  12. Honey Well Etc.,
Exam Module :
AMCAT consists of the following Aptitude, Skill and Personality Modules.
  1. Aptitude Module
    1. English Comprehension (25 minutes)
    2. Logical Ability (35 minutes)
    3. Quantitative Ability (35 minutes)
    4. Attention to detail (20 minutes)
  2. Skill Module (optional modules )
    1. Computer Literacy (10 minutes)
    2. Computer Programming (35 minutes)
    3. Java(25 minutes)
    4. C++(20 minutes)
    5. Unix(25 minutes)
    6. SQL(20 minutes)
    7. Semi-Conductors (35 minutes)
    8. Telecommunication ( 30 minutes )
    9. Electrical Engineering ( 25 minutes )
    10. Mechanical (20 minutes)
    11. Civil Engineering (25 minutes)
    12. Finance (15 minutes)
    13. Marketing (15 minutes)
    14. Human Resource (18 minutes)
    15. Bio-Technology
    16. Attention to Detail (20 minutes)
  3. Personality Assessment- AMPI (20 minutes)
  4. Profile Section: Resume filling (15 minutes)
The Aptitude Module & Personality Module (AMPI) is compulsory for all students of all streams. The Skill Module is optional. We encourage students to appear for maximum number of modules as it helps their skills to be more visible before organizations.
SVAR (Speech Voice Adaptive Rater (16 minutes)

  • All the students are eligible      
  • Transport will be provided for post lunch batch students 
AMCAT Benefits:
1. Placement:
AMCAT helps in improving student employability, thus helping colleges improve their placement record.
2. Visibility:
College gets visibility to companies, leading to long-term relationships.
3. Feedback:
College gets a feedback report regarding skills of students and suggestions on how to improve employability of students in the future.
4. Accessibility:
AMCAT provides easy access to jobs from mass-recruiting companies that do not visit campus. It also helps in providing access to small and medium size companies which visit selective campuses.
5. Increased Job chances:
Multi-dimensional test uncovers candidate strengths and enhances job chances.
6. Jobs in multiple profiles:
Opportunity for jobs in diverse sectors/companies & various profiles.
7. Feedback:
Personalized feedback given to each student to improve skills.
8. Opportunity to perform better:
Students can improve their AMCAT scores by giving a re-test.
9. Co-Branded Logo:
Post AMCAT, a co-branded logo would be hosted on the home page of your college website. The logo is an indicative of the “Certificate of our Association.”
Co-branding has its host of benefits. Foremost is the fact that AMCAT-assessed campuses are preferred by corporates for their hiring objectives because it indicates that the campus takes initiative in improving employability of students and providing them feedback. This in turn elevates the status of the campus from an employability perspective among top corporations in India, who recognize AMCAT as the most credible employability test. The co-branded logo would thus allow visibility to your college as an AMCAT assessed campus.
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