JNTUH R09 2 Subjects Exception and Grace Marks

This is to inform all the B.Tech R09 Students that Exception of 2 Subjects and Grace Marks process is still going on, students can apply in examination branch 

2 Subjects Exception Process:

Who can apply for Exception of Two Subjects:
  • Students can Leave Any Two Failed Subjects from All the Theory Subjects.
  • Students cannot Leave Any Practical Subjects, Two Subjects If One Subject Consists of 6 Credits and Other Subject Consists of 4 Credits and Both Subjects Consists of 6 Credits.
  • You can Leave Only One Failed Subject in Entire Course Which Consists of 6 Credits.
  • Students who have cleared all their Subjects cannot Choose Two Subjects for Exemption, JNTUH by Default will Choose Your Exemption Subjects in which You Secured Least Marks in Overall Course.

Procedure to Apply for R09 Regulation - Exception of Two Subjects:
  • Fill the UNDERTAKING FORM Available at College Exam Branch
  • Original Memos should be brought to Exam Branch for Verification
  • A Written Letter along with SSC Certificate Xerox and All the Xerox Copies of Memos from 1st Year to 4 Year 2 Semester
  • Submit UNDERTAKING FORM & Letter in the College Exam Branch

Grace Marks Process :

  • Student can apply grace marks till 8 marks
  • Student can divide 8 marks as per his/her wish (e.g. Sub 1 : 2 Marks & Sub 2 : 6 Marks or Sub 1 : 5 Marks & Sub 2 : 3 Marks)
  • It is mandatory to choose 2 Subjects only.
  • Student has to take original memos and xerox.

Note: No Application fee
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