Postponement and Rescheduling of M.B.A/ B.TECH/B.PHARM Courses University Examinations Scheduled on 02-09-2016

It is here by informed that the M.B.A/B.TECH/B.PHARM courses Examinations to be held on 02-09-2016 are postponed and rescheduled as mentioned below. 
S.No Course and Year  Re-Scheduled Date of  Exam  Actual Scheduled Date of Exam
1 II Sem M.B.A 16/09/2016 (FN) 02-09-2016 (FN)
2 II Sem M.C.A 16/09/2016 (FN) 02-09-2016 (FN)
3 I Year B.Tech 13/09/2016 (FN) 02-09-2016 (FN)
4 I Year B.Pharm 13/09/2016 (FN) 02-09-2016 (FN)
5 I Sem M.B.A 16/09/2016 (AN) 02-09-2016 (AN)
6 I Sem M.C.A  16/09/2016 (AN) 02-09-2016 (AN)
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