Hack your MVP | Startup Socrates style | JNTU-Hyd | 21st March

This is regarding Hack your MVP- inter college E-Sciensation on 21st March (Tuesday), between 3pm to 5pm, as a part of I-Deep 2017 the entrepreneurship festival of JNTU-Hyd, organized by the integrated MBA department. 

The event aims at showcasing how the Socratic method can help entrepreneurs in validating their ideas before pitching for investment.

​We hope to have the participants discuss the following topics at the event.

Part One- Analysis- Startup Fundamentals
P1- Identifying Market Potential
P2- Using Open source tools for initial prototyping
P3- Case Studies- Iterate, Learn and Evolve

Part Two- Synthesis - MVP and Sales Pitch
T1: MVP of an idea
T2: Sales pitch for the MVP

Our previous event questionnaires may help you in understanding the structure of our competitions. 

Construe The Constitution Questionnaire:

Construe The Constitution Questionnaire:

Evolution of Emotions Questionnaire:

We could have upto two teams representing your college.
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