Test Link and Passkeys for the Online Assessments by FNAT’18

Please find below the Test Link and Passkeys for the Online Assessments to be conducted in your campus for the candidates shortlisted for FNAT’18 Process:

Test Details
Tests Allotted
Test link
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FNAT Level 0 2018



Please find below some important Guidelines to be adhered to/noted for the Online Assessments:
  • Pre-registered candidates can start the test straight away (Share Test Link & Passkey as mentioned above)
  • Un-registered candidates need to register first on the link : https://www.firstnaukri.com/campusreg/mcmp5  (it takes 5 minutes) and then they can start the test after 5 minutes of registration using test link and passkey
  • Please provide the “Test Link” and the “Pass Key”.
  • In case candidate is getting message “You are not authorized to start the test” please check their email ID and passkey. If both are correctly mentioned by candidate kindly ask candidate to register first as mentioned above in second instructions.
  • Candidates should use the same name, email and Password that they have set for themselves during the registration to login to the Online Assessments.
  • Candidates shouldn’t be using “Backspace” or “Refresh” options throughout the test.
  • At any point in time during the Online Assessments, if a candidate’s test page is not loading or got disconnected the candidate should close the browser & open same browser again and use the same test link, Email ID, Pass Key, Password to re-login to the same test and continue from where he/she left off.
  • Most of these candidates have not applied on the link, they have only registered on FN.
  • If they are facing issue after applying, ask them to check
  • Email which they are entering.
  • Passkey which they are entering
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