Official Deco Team Recruitments for 2017-2018

We here by inform that we are conducting Deco team recruitments for the following sections on the following days ,for the 2nd ,3rd & 4th years.
As per your interest to join in Deco team, you have to attend the recruitment process at the given venue on your following sport's hours.

Venue:  Mech Block, Seminar hall and Drawing hall.

On Tuesday: CSE-2C & 3C,  EEE-2A, MECH-2A & 2B & CIVIL-4A 

On Wednesday:  CIVIL-4B  & ECE-2C

On Thrusday:  CIVIL-2A & 2B  &  ECE-2B,2D & 3A

On Friday: MECH-3A & 3B & CIVIL-3A & 3B

On Saturday: 
  • MECH-4A & 4B, EEE-2B,3rd & 4th years
  • ECE-2A & 2E
  • ECE-3B,3C & 3D
  • ECE-4A,4B,4C & 4D
  • CSE-2A,2B,2D & 2E
  • CSE-3A,3B & 3D
  • CSE-4A,4B,4C & 4D (before lunch hours for the following final year's)
Note: Come in your respectable sport's hour only. It takes hardly 15mins.
B.Pharm and Pharm.D can also come in their LS hour.

For any queries contact:  Manoj - 7013145444

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