Profile Edit Option for TASK Registered Students

TASK is enabling the profile EDIT option for all TASK registered students starting 10:00 AM of 5th Oct 2017 till 11:59 PM of 21st Oct 2017.

Below is the step by step procedure for the students:
1. Login to the TASK account
2. In case the login credentials are not available, please click on the ‘Forgot password?’ option.

  • The username is the same as the hall ticket number
  • The new password will be sent to the mobile number that has been provided during registration
  • If the mobile number has been changed or hasn’t received the new password, please write an email to

3. Click on the EDIT button available at the top of the profile
4. All fields, except the hall ticket number are editable
5. Please ensure that all fields are accurately filled with the latest data
6. Click on the SUBMIT button to move to the next page
7. The email id and mobile number used for all TASK communications are shown here
8. Each of these details have to be edited/updated individually
9. Please click on the UPDATE button adjacent to the fields
10. Type in the new email id or mobile number
11. Am OTP will be sent to the new email id or mobile number
12. Please enter the OTP received and click on the VERIFY button
13. Click on the SAVE button to complete the edit process
14. Review the profile and repeat the above process if necessary

Request you to communicate the same to all the registered students in your college

The same has also been posted on the TASK website under Announcements
Link: Click Here
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