Shortlisted Students for Medical Test | Surya Tech Solutions

This is to inform you that we have scheduled medical test for the following candidates, who are selected as part of campus drive conducted on 20-03-2018.

We extend our hearty congratulations to all the candidates, they’ll receive confirmation calls & mails with all the details in next 2 days.

Venue: Surya Tech Solutions, Ecil X roads

Date & Time: 02-04-2018, 9:00 AM

Required Documents:
  • SSC Xerox copy
  • Aadhar Xerox copy
  • 3 passport size photos
  • Medical Fee (Rs.5550/- including tax){i.e 4800+750}


1 14R11A04J8      CHOWDARAPALLY SANTOSH KUMAR                     
2 15R15A0428      KADEM PRAVEEN                                   
3 14R11A04P0      VASARLA SAI TEJA                                 
4 15R15A0426      JANUGANI SAI KRISHNA                             
5 15R15A0402      ODDARAPU HARISHBABU                             
6 15R15A0415      ANABOINA SHIVA SAI                               
7 15R15A0412      JAMALAPURAM NAVEEN                               
8 14R11A04M7      RAYCHETTI CHANDRASENA                           
9 15R15A0410      GALIPALLY BHARGAVA                               
10 14R11A04D2      D MANIKANTA                                     
11 14R11A04E6      KUMMARIKUNTA PRASHANTH                           
12 15R15A0205      JENJIRALA SAIKIRAN                               
13 15R15A0203      GURRALA PRASHANTH KUMAR                         
14 15R15A0427      SATHENDER KUMAR YADAV                           

15 15R15A0417      CHEVU NAGESH                                      
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