TCS CodeVita Contests

We are glad to inform that  TCS is conducting Contest - CodeVita.

Registration for both these contests ends in June/July only, so there is ample time. 

Year on year, TCS's hiring through contests has increased and there are good opportunities available.  This year, TCS  would like Telangana colleges to take a significant chunk of offers through these contests. 

Students can be encouraged to take part in both of these contests. 

Students who already registered for EngiNX contest may use the same CT/DT numbers to log in and participate in these contests also.  Unlike EngiNX, these two are Individual Participation events, so the process is actually much simpler, without any need for team formation. 

TCS CodeVita 2018

Request you to send this communication to all the TASK registered students in the state and encourage students to participate so that they can make maximum use of the opportunity.

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