Advanced programming training in HackerRank: 3rd, 4th years | Entrance Test

  • To 3rd, 4th Year students of all branches.
  • There will be advanced training in programming, data structures, algorithms after the semester reopens.
  • The training is on platforms such as HackerRank, codechef etc
  • There will be a selection test in programming in hackerrank platform.

Students need to signup in hackerrank and practice from the list of links given below.

You can also practice problems from the following links:

Atleast 50 problems from
Atleast 50 problems from

  • The contest URL will be shared 30 mins before the start of the contest.
  • The contest will be heavily monitored from both frontend (by college faculty) and the backend.
  • During the contest, you will not be allowed to access any website, other than HackerRank.
  • All parties involved in any type of plagiarism will be eliminated from the training program.

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