Finishing School Schedule for 2019 Passouts | Starts from 15th June 2018

Avail  the opportunity of  Finishing school by which you will be having huge benefit for campus placement drives 

Finishing School will be conducted as per the following schedule:

1. 2018-19 Time-Period: June-15 to Jul-07
  • Offered To: 4-1 Students
  • What Will be covered: B,F from Excels Below.
  • Number of Students: 100 (CSE,ECE,EEE)
  • Timings: Labs will be open whole day.
  • Conducted in: Lab
2. 2018-19 Time-Period: Odd Semester 
  • Offered To: 4-1 Students
  • What Will be covered: B to G with focus on B,F
  • Number of Students: 100 (CSE,ECE,EEE)
  • Timings: 1 Saturday Afternoon per week.
  • Conducted in: Lab
3. 2018-19 Time-Period: Odd Semester 
  • Offered To: 3-1 Students
  • What Will be covered: B,D,C,G with focus on D,B
  • Number of Students: 100 (All Branches)
  • Timings: 2 Afternoons per week.
  • Conducted in: Lab
Aims of Finishing School:
  • To enable students to practice programming using tasks so that they are well-equipped with practical knowledge for Campus Placements readiness
  • To widen student's intellectual capacity through knowledge, vision, responsibility, hard work, kindness and enthusiasm.
  • To enable students to appreciate co-operation when working in groups.

  • Finishing school is 100% practice-based and conducted in computer labs
  • Item-F is new and unique, to keep up with web-development expectations from companies.
  • Item-G is towards equipping students with intellectual knowledge and motivation to do well in all walks of life.
  • CSE ,ECE & EEE  interested Students can attend the program even if your name is not in the list  
  • ME & Civil Students who are interested can attend​ the above program
Finishing School Students: 

Sl. NoBranchSectionNameRoll noPercentageBacklogsGrade
1CSEBA. Shanmukha bruhadroop15R11A056281.40A
2CSECS. Aparna15R11A05G2790A
3CSEBP. Grishma15R11A05A0780A
4CSEG S S Aditya15R11A0517770A
5CSECE Shravani15R11A0505760A
6CSECSandhya Mourya15R11A05G6740A
7CSEAT Raga Sinjith15R11A0555740A
8CSEDDinesh Matai15R11A05K473.740A
9CSEBG. Sushmitha15R11A0581720A
10CSECG. Nikhila15R11A05E0720A
11CSECM. Deepika15R11A05E6720A
12CSEDG. Hari Priya15R11A05L1710A
13CSEV S Shreyas15R11A05B870.250A
14CSEDP Swathi15R11A05N5700A
15CSEAB. Vamshi15R11A0505701A
16CSEDG. Sri Sheetal15R11A05K6700A
17CSEBS. Vidya Sree15R11A05B369.840A
18CSEBM. Sreekanth15R11A059569.620A
19CSECT. Harshini15R11A05H269.60A
20CSEBK.V. Akhil15R11A058469.4751A
21CSEA K. Supriya Goud15R11A0529680A
22CSEAG.B. Nikitha15R11A0516680A
23CSEAD. Teja Sai Srinivas15R11A0508680A
24CSECY. Prudhvik15R11A05H967.30A
25CSEBP. Tanmayi15R11A05A5661A
26CSECM. Pavani15R11A05F1650A
27CSERohit Essm15R11A0550651A
28CSEA R. Madhulika15R11A054963.80A
29CSEDP. Spurthi15R11A05N3630A
31CSECS. Hari Haran15R11A05G3630A
32CSEV K Praneet15R11A05B7621A
33CSECY. Aditya15R11A05J061.22A
34CSEBA. Balaji15R11A0563601A
35CSECh Mohan Sai15R11A0570600A
36CSEAM. Vineeth15R11A053259.60A
37CSED D. Sai Vishal15R11A05Q0514A
38CSECSai Ram15R11A05F578.870B
39CSEK Chaitanya Sai15R11A0528740B
40CSEBS Naga Lakshmi15R11A05B0710B
41CSEDS. kishore Kumar15R11A05P0710B
42CSEBD. Vishnu Harshith15R11A057170.370B
43CSECR. Supriya15R11A05G1700B
44CSECV. Shiva Kuamr15R11A05H669.780b
45CSECB. Prathyusha15R11A05C7690B
46CSEDD V N Ramya Samhitha15R11A05A3690B
47CSEDC Lakshmi Aparna15R11A05J8690B
48CSEDR. Shivani15R11A05N968.60B
49CSEAD. Ramya15R11A0512680B
50CSEP Harika15R11A05A1681B
51CSEDM. Abhinav Reddy15R11A05L8680B
54CSEBShaik Saleem15R11A05B4670B
55CSEBA. Mani Chandana15R11A056166.750B
56CSECA. Priyanka15R11A05C464.50B
57CSEBP. Sai Vamshi15R11A05A463.21B
58CSEDU. Amani15R11A05P4630B
59CSECP Srilatha15R11A05F6630B
60CSEAP. Abhishek15R11A0545630B
61CSEBDeepak Sarkar15R11A0572620B
62CSECCh. Hima Varshini15R11A05D1620B
63CSET. Lohith Chowdary15R11A055761.71B
64CSEBT. Poojitha Rani15R11A05B561.52B
65CSECA Sai Greeshma15R11A05C5610B
66CSED. kushal nath15R11A0574613B
67CSEDLiya Rose 15R11A05L7610B
68CSEDHarshini M15R11A05M2610B
69CSECM. Rahul Sai15R11A05E760.71B
70CSECT. Sakshi15R11A05H0601B
71CSEN. Mamatha15R11A05F4600B
73CSEBS. Deepak15R11A05A8602B
74CSEBB. yogesh15R11A0569601B
75CSEG. Sunitha15R11A05D7602B
76CSECK. Teja Mahendra Varma15R11A0515602B
77CSEDMrinal Moses15R11A05M0600B
78CSEAV Sahithi15R11A0504592B
79CSECN. Mahesh Kumar15R11A05F3590B
80CSEM Sai Charan Reddy15R11A0534591B
81CSEDG. Bharath15R11A05K5552B
83CSEAA. Deekshith15R11A0502570C
84CSEAB. Akhila15R11A050452.385C
85CSEBSatyam Kumar15R11A05B255.041C
86CSEANeha Margaret15R11A0521561C
87CSEAP.Kameswary Bhavani15R11A054665X
88CSEAS.Sai Priya15R11A0552X


Sl. NoBranchSectionNameRoll noPercentageBacklogsGrade
1ECECP. Nikitha Reddy 15R11A04F6760A
3ECECh. Sai Ram Rao15R11A0408700A
4ECEV. Prashanth15R11A04P867.250A
5ECEK. Pranav15R11A04L366.70A
6ECEBK. Amith Narayana15R11A0487630A
7ECEDV. soumya15R11A04P772.80B
8ECECB. nikitha15R11A04C7720B
9ECECP. mahendra Reddy15R11A04F470.50B
10ECEA.P. Pavani15R11A04C269.40B
11ECEDNaga Sai Gayatri15R11A04M7690B
12ECEP. Sravya15R11A04N4690B
13ECECSiddhartha Goud15R11A04C468.750B
14ECEM.V.S Hari Prem15R11A043268.50B
15ECECN. Mani Kanta Sai15R11A04F268.30B
16ECECA. Bhargavi15R11A04C167.80B
17ECECB. Himaja15R11A04C567.750B
18ECECV. Sri vani15R11A04H565.10B
19ECEK. Chetan15R11A048664.50B
20ECECV. Naveen Chandra15R11A04H8640B
21ECECG. Aaradhana15R11A04D4640B
22ECEG. Vandana Reddy15R11A04D6603B


Sl. NoBranchSectionNameRoll noPercentageBacklogsGrade
3EEEANischala Bn15R11A024376.60C
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