Donations to Kerala Flood Victims | NSS

Recently, severe flooding affected Kerala state due to unusually high rainfall during the monsoon season. In Kerala state over 350 people died within a fortnight, 35 out of 42 dams were opened for he first time in history, heavy rains in Wayand has left the hilly district isolated because of the effect of flood.

So, those who are interested may voluntarily donate items or donate cash to any of the following NSS department coordinators. Please enter in the register and sign mentioning the amount of cash/cheque/goods.

S & H: Mr. A Ramesh / Mr. M Raju
ECE: Mr. M Krishna / Ms. J Bharathi
CSE: Mr. S Ramanjaneyulu / Mr. Y Siva
EEE: Mr. M Pradeep
ME: Mr. K Vijay
CE: Mr. D Varun Kumar
MBA: Ms. G Aruna

Your contribution will help the needy Kerala flood people. Student volunteers from Aasya foundation and Student Health Club will coordinate the activity.
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