Registrations for National level Hackathon 2018

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Geethanjali College of Engineering and Technology is organizing a national level 36hrs Hackathon in association with JHUB ( JNTUH's innovation hub) on 5th and 6th of January, 2019
The theme of the Hackathon is "Agritech and Rural development".
The Hackathon is aimed at providing engineering solutions to problems associated with rural development and agriculture. 

The last date for registration is 30th December, 2018
There is no registration fee for participation
Participants can form teams of members not exceeding three can register at

Teams have to prepare a 5 slide maximum .PPT presentation (a template is available to download from the website) and upload it during registrations

Students are expected to work on their problem statements overnight starting 9.00 AM on 5th of January, 2019 and extending upto 6PM next day and come with proof of concept/prototype/working model

Advantages of participation
1) Names of top three teams members will be listed in JHub's Portal where companies can directly contact them (probably offering even higher packages compared to placements) or even take the idea to next level of creating a startup Company with JNTU's assistance.
2)Top 3 winner teams will go to the next level of competition at JNTUH again, where they will be mentored directly from Industries.
3) Merit certificate from JHUB for the top three teams - in each of the 15 Hackathons being held by 15 colleges.
4) Participants (and even volunteers of Hackathon at GCET)  can register in JHUB's website where they become eligible for getting notifications about internships/internship offers.
5)Win exciting cash  prizes 

GCET is hosting a bootcamp (technical workshop) on 4th, January, 2019. 
The technologies being covered are
Internet of Things (IoT) 
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI and ML) to ensure that the students gain sufficient knowledge on the above technologies so as to work on their problem statements during the hackathon.

"It is appreciated that students are starting to think about the possible problems that are plaguing the Agriculture and Rural sector. But as their purview is limited, what we observed was that the problems that are being addressed are not – customer [the farmer/villager here] oriented, but their interpretation of the problem. Customer needs are not being analyzed and so a better problem statement is not getting framed. The  .PPT template for idea submissions requires problem analysis/analysis of current solutions and the needs of the end user.

Students are suggested to look at the page which lists close to 335 problems by companies/individuals/governments. Problem statements are to be chosen by the participants.

Taking up a problem from that list also helps you prepare for “Smart India Hackathon”, the deadline of which is fast approaching. So, we suggest that students look at problems listed there."

Lots of prizes to be won! and companies are waiting for candidates with solutions. Even if the student has backlogs, solving one problem listed there can turn his/her fortunes!!

Defining the problem statement specifically is the foremost thing that is needed. The above website gives all the problem statements in different sectors

For any questions, please contact 
Departmental coordinators: 
CSE: Mr. YVN Phani Kishore
ECE: Prof OVPR Siva  Kumar
EEE: Dr. Harish
ME: Mr. Subba Rao
Civil Engg: Mr. Rajesh
- Convenor 
Dr. Anil Puppala

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