Registrations for Smart India Hackathon | 2019

Registration guidelines for registering your team to Smart India Hackathon 2019

All the students/teams who wish to apply for Smart India Hackathon 2019 are advised to follow the guidelines given below:
1. Six (6) member team and must include one girl as a member. ( Team includes 1 team leader and 5 team members)
2. The team should identify a problem statement pertaining to a ministry / sector (available at:
3. Once the problem statement is identified a power point presentation (Max 4 Slides) about the same has to be prepared.  (Link :
4. A student nomination form has to be prepared by the team (template is available in the link :
5. A soft copy of duly filled in nomination form should be mailed to for further process before 2:40 PM on 18/1/19.
6. The nomination form with signature of the head of the institution has to be collected from Dr. Anil Kumar, Professor, Department of EEE (or) Mr. Y.V.N. Phani Kishore, Assistant Professor, Department of CSE and to be uploaded during the process of registration. 
7. Process of Registration
a. All the TEAM LEADER has to do is… 
b. Visit 
c. Click on ‘Register’ button and create a login id for their respective team 
d. College AICTE Code is 1-3513926337
e. Fill all the required fields and upload your College Authority Letter in PDF format
f. Once you click submit, the team leader and rest of the team members receive OTPs for verifying mobile numbers and email ids 
g. The team leader will also receive an email verification link on his/her email id. 
h. Once all the details are added, click on ‘Submit’ button 
i. Your team registration will now go to your College SPOC (Kindly select Dr. Anil Kumar as SPOC)for authentication. Teams will receive notification once SPOC completes authentication process. Notification will be via email as well as SMS to Team Leader You are now ready to make an idea submission.
8. Idea Submission
a. Once the registration process is done.
b. Open the concerned problem statement and click on submit idea and upload the presentation.
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