Coupon Codes for Veda IIT | 2019 Passouts

This is regarding coupon codes for Veda IIT Examination to be held on 23-Feb-2019.
  • Coupons are meant for the BE/B.Tech/M.Sc students who will be in final year by December 2018 and are passing out in 2019 of the respective college.
  • The Coupon code is Unique and no two students can enter the same code while applying for the test. If anyone does so, the system will not accept the code for the second person.
  • The number of coupons will be limited based on the seating capacity available at the exam center. Application submission can be closed earlier than 16-Feb-2019, i.e., whenever the number of applicants reaches the actual seating capacity at the exam center.
  • First preference must be given to those meritorious students who show interest to appear for the VEDA test and whose overall percentage of marks is 70% or above
  • Selected students should fulfill all joining formalities of the consortium company before joining the sponsored training program. Subsequent to the successful completion of the training program they will be absorbed into employment by the company.
  • Student's Registration URL :

Coupon Codes :

  1. GCET1640019027
  2. GCET1640020005
  3. GCET1640039348
  4. GCET1640049537
  5. GCET1640056445
  6. GCET1640062078
  7. GCET1640077303
  8. GCET1640088259
  9. GCET1640092126
  10. GCET1640108978
  11. GCET1640115693
  12. GCET1640127273
  13. GCET1640131296
  14. GCET1640144358
  15. GCET1640159338
  16. GCET1640161603
  17. GCET1640175068
  18. GCET1640189743
  19. GCET1640193708
  20. GCET1640208531
  21. GCET1640212972
  22. GCET1640228966
  23. GCET1640235096
  24. GCET1640240001
  25. GCET1640257922

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