Launch Pad Program for B.Tech II and III Years | Swiggy

Name: Swiggy

Application Link:

A quick overview of services and its advantages:

  1. Students can order hygienic and affordable food from any outlet in and around the campus with a click on the Swiggy app.
  2. Swiggy ensures that Restaurants onboard are compliant with FSSAI norms to ensure that students get the best quality food at reasonable prices.
  3. Our “Hunger Saviors” will deliver food from any outlet to students within the campus.
  4. With our Swiggy Food Court feature,
  • Get all the vendors within campus on the same page giving them more visibility and boost their sales
  • No more waiting in long queues for payment or order preparation, instead, students would be notified as and when their order is ready
  • Our app would serve as a payment gateway for food outlets within the campus enabling digital cashless transactions
  • Every order placed on Swiggy will be given a rating and we will share this data regularly and recommend changes based on the data received, which could immensely help in maintaining food quality
Selection Process/Eligibility:

  1. Students from 2nd and 3rd Year of graduation are eligible.
  2. Students are required to apply on the link
  3. Students will be shortlisted based on the responses
  4. Shortlisted students will undergo a “Take from Home” assessment
  5. Further shortlisted candidate will attend the interview process at the campus.

Under this program, Swiggy will

  1. Train the selected students in our Corporate office at Bangalore
  2. Expose the students with the knowhow to run a Business
  3. Provide an opportunity to interact with the Swiggy thought Leaders

Here is the ET article Link on Swiggy Launchpad, enclosed is the JD of the campus CEO.
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