Entry Instructions on 08/03/2019 and 09/03/2019 | Vibgyor & Vibes 2019

In view of VIBGYOR and VIBES on 08/3/2019 and 09/3/2019, the following restrictions shall be enforced strictly, to maintain discipline in the college. 

  1. No relatives/ friends/ siblings of the students are allowed to enter the campus on these days. 
  2. Only Parents are allowed along with their ward on 09/3/2019 for the VIBES program. 
  3. All the students should show their ID cards near the entry gate and wear it throughout the program. Without proper ID card, students are not allowed to enter the campus. If any student is found not wearing the ID card on the campus, he/she will be sent out of the campus immediately. 
  4. The Gate near Pharmacy College will be closed and all the students have to use the main gate. No entry of vehicles into the campus will be permitted.
  5. Students should be in the college campus by 6.00 PM on these days. The gates will be closed after 6.00 PM and no more entry will be permitted thereafter. 
  6. Students should prefer to use college Transportation
  7. No student should enter the restricted areas namely Pharmacy college Block, Block I, II and III — upper floors, stalls backside, near stores, canteen back side etc. of GCET. 
  8. All the students are strictly directed to adhere to the above rules and cooperate to conduct these events successfully. 
  9. No student is allowed to go outside the campus during the Program. If any student wants to go out in the middle of the program, the ID card is to be handed over to security near the main gate and the same will be returned on the next working day. These students will not be allowed to enter the campus on the same day anymore. 
  10. Breath analyzers shall be used to test if anyone consumes Alcohol and he/she will be handed over to the Police immediately, if the test result is positive. 
  11. All acts of indiscipline will be dealt with seriously and the culprits will be handed over to Police who are posted inside the campus. 
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