Revaluation / Recounting of B.Tech / MBA AR16 Regulation

Revaluation Fee: Rs. 1000/- per course
Recounting Fee: Rs. 100/- per course

Last Date for Application: 25-05-2019

The information is applicable to the following students

  • B.Tech III Year (Autonomous) II Semester Regular (AR16 Regulation)
  • B.Tech II Year (Autonomous) II Semester Regular / Supplementary (AR16 Regulation)
  • B.Tech II / III Year (Autonomous) I Semester Supplementary (AR16 Regulation)
  • MBA II Year (Autonomous) II Semester Regular (AR16 Regulation)
  • MBA (Autonomous) I/II/III/IV Semester Supplementary (AR16 Regulation)
  • Apply in the Examination Branch by paying the prescribed fee on or before 25-05-2019. 
  • Application along with the fee paid Challan should be submitted in the Examination branch on the same day.
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