Shortlisted Students for Final Interview | Intense Technologies

NameIntense Technologies

Dates of Interview: 18th and 19th June 2019 at 11:00am

Venue: Intense Technologies LTD - Surabhi Plaza, A1, Vikrampuri Colony, Karkhana, Secunderabad, Telangana 500009
Report to K Mounika - HR Executive
Contact Details: K Mounika - 91006 86050

Documents for Interview :

  1. 4 Updated Resume
  2. 4 Passport size photos
  3. College ID Card / Govt ID Card.
  4. Formal Dress Code is must.

Note: Schedule Date of individual are given below

Shortlisted Students

Name Of sudent MarksRoll no Mobile Nuber Date Of Interview Reporting Time
Deepak sarar1115R11A05E0889726471318th June 2019 11AM
S.yaswanth1315R11A04P0910671134618th June 2019 11AM
CH.himavarshni1015R11A05D1703203048918th June 2019 11AM
B.yogesh1215R11A0569#VALUE!18th June 2019 11AM
D.nagaprasad1915R11A0474950562111318th June 2019 11AM
M.harshini1515R11A05M291825677818th June 2019 11AM
G.Archana1615R11A0476733088435018th June 2019 11AM
A.srikar1715R11A0463880115274718th June 2019 11AM
T.harshita1115R11A05D6957397333718th June 2019 11AM
N.Jyothi1814R11A0596831759170019TH June 201911AM
M.shurthi1715R11A0537924219619619TH June 201911AM
C.Neha1815R11A0541951561773919TH June 201911AM
G.Sowjana1115R11A0586996302058619TH June 201911AM
CH.Mohansai1115R11A0570-----19TH June 201911AM
R.SHIVA SAI KRISHNA12741698750019TH June 201911AM
K.GEETHASRI18906375292319TH June 201911AM
V.SRI KRISHNA PRIYA12897824128519TH June 201911AM
S.M.G PRAKASH17798929378219TH June 201911AM
P. SRIKANTH PATIL12950259964619TH June 201911AM
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