TCS NINJA Interviews for 2020 Passouts | on 24th Aug 2019

Congratulations on clearing the TNQT 2020.  We are happy to invite you for the TCS Interview Process. 

Date of Interview: 24-Aug-19 (Saturday)

Reporting Time: Check the list

All interviews will be done in the face-to-face mode and at Hyderabad.  The interview venue is given below.
TCS Synergy park, (Gate - Opposite to DLF Building)
TCS Synergy park, (Gate - Opposite to DLF Building) Indian Immunologicals Colony, Gachibowli, Hyderabad,Telangana 500032

Google Maps link for the Venue:

What to carry for the interviews (please communicate the below to candidates and ask them to carry a printout of the email that you send to them) 

  • Documents to be carried with you: 2 copies of Resume, a printout of TCS Application Form, Govt ID Proof or College ID, a printout of this email, all your academic documents (Xth, XIIth, and B Tech / M Tech semester mark sheets until the latest received).  Please don't bring original mark sheets or certificates, only photocopies need to be carried. Please note that you will NOT be allowed if you are not carrying Govt ID / College ID.
  • Please do not bring any electronic gadgets/devices for the interview (USB drive, laptop, hard disk, tab, etc).
  • Do not carry any valuables with you when coming for the interview.
  • Dress Code: Formals
  • There are three stages of the interview: Technical, Managerial, and HR.  All rounds of interview will be completed on the same day, we will club these rounds as far as possible.
  • You will be assessed on the following areas: subject knowledge, coding knowledge, and aptitude, analytical ability, awareness about IT Industry, communication skills, attitude.
  • You will have to make your own travel/accommodation arrangements, for appearing for the interview.
  • The interview process would be a day-long event and might stretch till late in the evening. Please plan accordingly.
  • Only candidates would be allowed inside the venue. Parents, friends, relatives, etc will not be allowed inside the interview venue (Even if they are TCS Employees). As this is an office premise, there will also NOT be any waiting area outside for parents or other visitors.
  • Photography is not allowed inside the office premises.
  • Any candidate found to indulge in any malpractice will be sent back immediately. They will be disqualified from the process and not be allowed to attend any further interview.
  • TCS does not charge any fee at any stage of recruitment or selection process nor has authorized anyone to charge.
  • Wish you all the very best!


  • Candidates already selected through CodeVita are EXCLUDED from the attached list.
  • Candidates shortlisted for Digital Interviews are also EXCLUDED from this list.  Their interviews will be planned separately.
  • Candidates who took part in the test on 8-Aug are also EXCLUDED from this list, their interviews will be planned separately.

Click here for Hall Ticket 

Shortlisted Students:

Reference IDNameReportingCollege
DT20184441906CAROL Navya PAGOLU12:30 pmGeethanjali
DT20184440927SANTOSH Sri Sai PISINI3:00 pmGeethanjali
DT20184441485MANOJ KANNATH3:00 pmGeethanjali
DT20184494796SWATHI DANTURI12:30 pmGeethanjali
DT20184442129SARVESH RAYTER3:00 pmGeethanjali
DT20195457028SAI Kumar RALLABANDI3:00 pmGeethanjali
DT20184465107SAHITH Karthika ALAPATI3:00 pmGeethanjali
DT20184446485AKHILA VEERABOMMALA12:30 pmGeethanjali
DT20195367367SAI TEJA Goud POLAGOUNI3:00 pmGeethanjali
DT20195355574VIJAY Kumar DEVALLA3:00 pmGeethanjali
DT20195531231ANIRUDH Datta PUTTAMRAJU3:00 pmGeethanjali
DT20184448811MOUNIKA CHAKKA12:30 pmGeethanjali
DT20195356209MOUNICA PALNATI12:30 pmGeethanjali
DT20195321522AKHIL DARA3:00 pmGeethanjali
DT20195378855SAITEJA Reddy PALLAY3:00 pmGeethanjali
DT20184450249HIMESH Bharadwaj KACHIRAJU3:00 pmGeethanjali
DT20184441370SAI Aakanksha GUDALA12:30 pmGeethanjali
DT20184446853SAI Saketh MANUPATI3:00 pmGeethanjali
DT20195358813SRIKAR Hanumantha Raghu VEMURI3:00 pmGeethanjali
DT20195356666DARSHANI Ashok PARALIKAR12:30 pmGeethanjali
DT20184442221GURU Sai Sandeep SREEKANTI3:00 pmGeethanjali
DT20195355607AFFREN Noor PATEL12:30 pmGeethanjali
DT20195631338SRIVIDYA GOURIBHATLA12:30 pmGeethanjali
DT20195357196PRANAV Bhaskar KONDURU3:00 pmGeethanjali
DT20195359580SAIPRIYA METTIMI12:30 pmGeethanjali
DT20195405069NAVEEN KUMAR KONGARI3:00 pmGeethanjali
DT20195387181VAMSHI Krishna PATHI3:00 pmGeethanjali
DT20195454986CHINTHOJU Veda Mithra 3:00 pmGeethanjali
DT20195391207AKHILANDESWARI Sanjana K C12:30 pmGeethanjali
DT20184448164TULASI KONDAPAKA12:30 pmGeethanjali
DT20195356075ASHISH Bc KATTA3:00 pmGeethanjali
DT20184441339KEERTHANA YERRAGONDA12:30 pmGeethanjali
DT20184445088D Vaishnavi 12:30 pmGeethanjali
DT20195375662PRADEEP REDDY KODIMALA3:00 pmGeethanjali
DT20195355088REVANTH Reddy SINGIREDDY3:00 pmGeethanjali
DT20195357192SRI MOULIKA AMANCHERLA12:30 pmGeethanjali
DT20195518494VISHAL Kumar VORUGANTI3:00 pmGeethanjali
DT20195358755LALITA Yamini VATTEM12:30 pmGeethanjali
DT20195516712SATYA Kiran CHINTAPALLI3:00 pmGeethanjali
DT20195469175VAMSI VATTIGUNTA3:00 pmGeethanjali
DT20184445225Nukalagudem 12:30 pmGeethanjali
DT20195549288AASHISH Paul SRIVARAM3:00 pmGeethanjali
DT20195365606AMULYA THUMU12:30 pmGeethanjali
DT20195360053SIVA SAI Vasudev PASARLAPATI3:00 pmGeethanjali
DT20184445653SOWMYA REDDY T12:30 pmGeethanjali
DT20184999339VENNELA G12:30 pmGeethanjali
DT20184452978DHEERAJ PEDDI3:00 pmGeethanjali
DT20195374111BHUVANA Kruthi VALLE12:30 pmGeethanjali
DT20195355320LOKNATH CHEPURI3:00 pmGeethanjali
DT20184510343PRASUNA Ssrl GUMMIDIDALA12:30 pmGeethanjali
DT20195365546BAAVANA PODUGU12:30 pmGeethanjali
DT20195531548MANASWINI ADDANKI VENKATA SESHA12:30 pmGeethanjali
DT20195358996AJAY Varma PENMETCHA3:00 pmGeethanjali
DT20195355595ANIL Kumar POTUGANTI3:00 pmGeethanjali
DT20195536697GUNAVARDHAN SREERAMA3:00 pmGeethanjali
DT20195537205ANIRUDH KONDURI3:00 pmGeethanjali
DT20195381971KAUSHIK ADUSUMILLI3:00 pmGeethanjali
DT20184445967LALITHA PRIYA SOLASA12:30 pmGeethanjali
DT20184411430B SWETHA12:30 pmGeethanjali
DT20195536255DIVYA Rani B12:30 pmGeethanjali
DT20195417185MANISH BHIMA3:00 pmGeethanjali
DT20195280996SAVITHA Vaishnavi KOTHURI12:30 pmGeethanjali
DT20195511526SHASHANK SINGH3:00 pmGeethanjali
DT20184442095ANISHA DARAM12:30 pmGeethanjali
DT20195287395ANJALI NARA12:30 pmGeethanjali
DT20195130969RAMESH SUTHAR3:00 pmGeethanjali
DT20195355568DIVYA Sri APPIKATLA12:30 pmGeethanjali
DT20195535668SURYA Teja PIDAKALA3:00 pmGeethanjali
DT20184512690JITENDRA Singh TOMAR3:00 pmGeethanjali
DT20195356386DEEKSHA THANDRA12:30 pmGeethanjali
DT20195397617MAHITHA Sai JALADI12:30 pmGeethanjali
DT20195521477MANIDWEEP Sharma YELAMANCHI3:00 pmGeethanjali
DT20195355710DAKAREDDY Bharath REDDY3:00 pmGeethanjali
DT20184441168BHARGAV VECHA3:00 pmGeethanjali
DT20195384516SURYA BOLUMALLA3:00 pmGeethanjali
DT20195414115AKHIL NALLA3:00 pmGeethanjali
DT20195366313SAI GURU Kiran SIKHARAM3:00 pmGeethanjali
DT20195359868VARUN HOLAGUNDA3:00 pmGeethanjali
DT20195430770ASHISH KHANKA3:00 pmGeethanjali
DT20195386084PREETHI PANDALA12:30 pmGeethanjali
DT20195420354SANJAY MANDULA3:00 pmGeethanjali
DT20195641098YOCHANA Reddy YENUGULA12:30 pmGeethanjali
DT20184506247ANISH Kumar VANKA3:00 pmGeethanjali
DT20184363244KATKAM SAIPRIYA12:30 pmGeethanjali
DT20195501828PRAVALLIKA UPPALA12:30 pmGeethanjali
DT20184441439SHANMUKA Vamshi BURUGU3:00 pmGeethanjali
DT20184441259JOSEPH Anurag Reddy GOPU3:00 pmGeethanjali
DT20195368247SREE SAI Prasanna JAMPANA12:30 pmGeethanjali
DT20195388635SAI HRUSHIKESH Reddy TADVAI3:00 pmGeethanjali
DT20184446871RAJ Shekar JOSHI3:00 pmGeethanjali
DT20195367131CHARAN SADHU3:00 pmGeethanjali
DT20184448395ESHWAR Sai KALA3:00 pmGeethanjali
DT20195511690MAHATHI KORADA12:30 pmGeethanjali
DT20195518015ROHITH Kumar ENDROJU3:00 pmGeethanjali

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