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Name: Cognizant Technology Solutions Ltd

Online Test Start Date/Timings: 24th Sep 00:01 Hrs

Online Test End Date/Timings: 25th Sep 23:59 Hrs

The online test link to the students will be assigned by the Cognizant test vendor by the end of the day.

Guidelines for the auto-proctored test:

  • Candidates can take the test on a computer/laptop with a functioning web-cam (external or built-in) and continuous internet connectivity for the 120-minute duration.
  • We request the candidates to take the test where there is ample lighting; It is their responsibility to ensure that their image is clearly captured
  • Each candidate will be assigned a unique username and password along with his or her Cognizant ID. We will enable these during the time slot planned for your campus.
  • A candidate can attempt the test only once.

  • Any malpractice will lead to disqualification.
  • If we find any evidence of malpractice through mechanisms that we have enabled- that particular candidate would be disqualified from the recruitment process as per discretion of the Cognizant team.
  • If any other person’s image, besides that of the test taker, is captured in the vicinity during the test process, that candidate’s test will be disqualified as per discretion of the Cognizant team.
Please refrain from doing the following:

  • While taking up the online test, please do not move out of the test screen- all instances and movements are captured for audit purposes.
  • Opening another tab or application like notepad, excel or web browsers like Chrome, Firefox etc. are strictly prohibited.
  • Please do not try to click print screen or copy the content while the test is in progress- this will lead to instant disqualification.
  • Please ensure that the web-cam is not covered with any object; The web-cam should be focused on the candidate throughout the test duration.
  • Please do not try to take any snapshots while the test in progress.
  • Usage of mobile phones, cameras and any other external devices during the duration of test is strictly prohibited; the test will automatically be terminated upon detection of any external device.

Interruptions during the test:

  • On the event that the test is halted due to internet or electricity failure, the candidate will be able to resume his/her assessment from the same point it was logged out without losing any time
  • We request the candidates to wait for 5 minutes and then login again using the same credentials
  • Once logged in, the candidates needs to click on ‘Resume Incomplete Test’ and select his/her name and continue the test
  • The candidate will be able to login within 2 hours of the test being halted.
  • The test will expire if the candidate does not login again within the 2-hour timeframe.

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Note: The Students can take the test from any where he/she is willing to take, like he/she can take the test from his/her residence or from his convenient location provided he/she should abide by the above conditions and proper infrastructure facility. 

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