Pool Campus Recruitment Drive for B.Tech all Branches 2020 Passouts |Infosys Technologies Ltd

Name: Infosys Technologies Ltd

Date of online Test: 11th November 2019

Reporting Time8:30 AM

Date of Interview for the candidates shortlisted in phase 1 online test: 12th November 2019

Venue : MLR Institute of Technology,Gandimaisamma to Medchal Road,Near Dundigal Police Station,Hyderabad 500043.

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Designation: System Engineer

Salary : 3.6 Lakhs PA

Eligibility Criteria:

1) Infosys at their own discretion has considered 75% / 7.5 GPA as minimum academic percentage throughout academics as base cut off for the proposed placement drive .

2) The proposed placement drive will be administered in two phases.

Job Description:

  • Job Description varies based on the candidate skill set and would be informed to the selected candidate at the time of training.

Bond Period: 1 year Service agreement

Skills Required:
  • Student to be good at the subjects which they have studied with good academic track record. Selected students will be further trained in a particular technology during the course of their training program in Mysore.

Selection Process:
1st round: Online test
2nd round: Technical & HR interview
Additional Information:
Candidates should not have participated in the Infosys Ltd and/or Infosys Group Company (such as – Infosys BPO) selection process in the last 9 months.
Candidate should be willing to relocate to any location as required by Infosys. 6.Candidate should be willing to work in different technologies as required by Infosys.

Online Test Pattern:
  • Test-Section I/Arithmetic Reasoning and Analytical Thinking -25 minutes-15 questions
  • Test-Section II/ Mathematical critical thinking and Logical reasoning -35 minutes-10 questions
  • Test Section III/Test of communicative English-35 minutes-40 questions

Eligibile Students

S.NoName of the StudentName of the CollegeDistrict
1Priyanka .GCET Medchal
2Rapaka .GCET Medchal
3Badhrinath .GCET Medchal
4Pavan KumarGCET Medchal
5Pravallika .GCET Medchal
6Neeli Naveen KumarGCET Medchal
7Dileep GubigeGCET Medchal
8Cheera Divya RaniGCET Medchal
9Balipuram SaiGCET Medchal
10Sudeep .GCET Medchal
11Eshwar SaiGCET Medchal
12Kompelly SravanGCET Medchal
13Sritam .GCET Medchal
14Sahith .GCET Medchal
15Karthik ReddyGCET Medchal
16Kalaparthi SreeGCET Medchal
17Ranga SrikanthGCET Medchal
18Manisha .GCET Medchal
19Anuradha .GCET Medchal
20Bhuvana KruthiGCET Medchal
21Sukesh ReddyGCET Medchal
22Abhishek Goud .GCET Medchal
23Rallabandi Sai kumarGCET Medchal
24Burugu ShanmukaGCET Medchal
25Satya Sravani .GCET Medchal
26Bharath ReddyGCET Medchal
27Gunavardhan .GCET Medchal
28Aishwarya .GCET Medchal
29Subhash RouthGCET Medchal
30Bhagyaraj PGCET Medchal
31Sumanjali .GCET Medchal
32Somula Rama LingeswarGCET Medchal
33Kyasaram .GCET Medchal
34Surya .GCET Medchal
35Nalla .GCET Medchal
36Vaishnavi .GCET Medchal
37Atla SaiGCET Medchal
38Nagesh .GCET Medchal
39Anirudh .GCET Medchal
40Kaniganti .GCET Medchal
41Mahesh BabuGCET Medchal
42Manda .GCET Medchal
43Rashmi GirishGCET Medchal
44Pavani .GCET Medchal
45Abhay .GCET Medchal
46Bhargav .GCET Medchal
47Prathyusha .GCET Medchal
48Liyakath AliGCET Medchal
49Anirudh .GCET Medchal
50Anjali RaoGCET Medchal
51Bonala .GCET Medchal
52Divya Sri .GCET Medchal
53Vishnu VardhanGCET Medchal
54Praveen .GCET Medchal
55Aluwala .GCET Medchal
56Alapati KarthikaGCET Medchal
57Manasa .GCET Medchal
58Barla KumarGCET Medchal
59Saikumar .GCET Medchal
60Abbagouni SandeepGCET Medchal
61Seethaka .GCET Medchal
62Sri Harsha Reddy .GCET Medchal
63Meghana HighGCET Medchal
64Kothapeta Vummarasetty .GCET Medchal
65Kambala .GCET Medchal
66Tarani .GCET Medchal
67Swathi .GCET Medchal
68Megavath .GCET Medchal
69P Suria TejaGCET Medchal
70Rohit BrahmarouthuGCET Medchal
71Raj Shekar .GCET Medchal
72Rachana .GCET Medchal
73Bhanu Prakash .GCET Medchal
74Manisha MukkaGCET Medchal
75Sai Kiran .GCET Medchal
76Chinmay RanjanGCET Medchal
77Kulakarni .GCET Medchal
78Sri Nithya .GCET Medchal
79U NarasimhaGCET Medchal
80Sahithi Reddy .GCET Medchal
81Baavana .GCET Medchal
82Devoju VijayaGCET Medchal
83Shankar .GCET Medchal
84Gujja .GCET Medchal
85Kusuma Sri .GCET Medchal
86Divya Rani .GCET Medchal
87Vattigunta .GCET Medchal
88Lakshmi Vaishnavi .GCET Medchal
89Sai Teja GoudGCET Medchal
90Preethi .GCET Medchal
91Macha .GCET Medchal
92Veligatla .GCET Medchal
93Pavan KumarGCET Medchal
94Vamshi KrishnaGCET Medchal
95Ashish .GCET Medchal
96Penchala VaishnaviGCET Medchal
97Bharathi .GCET Medchal
98Nag Nishitha .GCET Medchal
99Dathathreya .GCET Medchal
100Pooja .GCET Medchal
101Akanksha .GCET Medchal
102Sunil .GCET Medchal
103Vijay ReddyGCET Medchal
104Gorugantu Venkata .GCET Medchal
105Jampana Sree SaiGCET Medchal
106Regoti OmkarGCET Medchal
107Dakareddy BharathGCET Medchal
108Varun ReddyGCET Medchal
109Praneeth Sai Kumar ReddyGCET Medchal
110Lalita YaminiGCET Medchal
111Naveen Kumar .GCET Medchal
112Darshani .GCET Medchal
113Tulasi .GCET Medchal
114Badavath .GCET Medchal
115Saipooja .GCET Medchal
116Anamandala AnanyaGCET Medchal
117Chowdabohina .GCET Medchal
118Vineeth Reddy .GCET Medchal
119Naga Satya Sai .GCET Medchal
120Pusala Sai SaakethGCET Medchal
121Arthi .GCET Medchal
122Pothukuchy SuryaGCET Medchal
123Raj Kumar .GCET Medchal
124Anisha ReddyGCET Medchal
125Manisha ReddyGCET Medchal
126Swathi Reddy .GCET Medchal
127Mantrala Agastya Venkata SriGCET Medchal
128Mattala KumarGCET Medchal
129Talla SiriGCET Medchal
130Uppula .GCET Medchal
131Amulya .GCET Medchal
132Pothu SahithyaGCET Medchal
133Chandana MamidalaGCET Medchal
134Kaushik .GCET Medchal
135Sai SakethGCET Medchal
136Varnika .GCET Medchal
137Yasasvini NavyaGCET Medchal
138Suchitha ReddyGCET Medchal
139Yara .GCET Medchal
140Kachiraju HimeshGCET Medchal
141Sharanya .GCET Medchal
142Vaishnavi HighGCET Medchal
143Srihari .GCET Medchal
144Kidambi .GCET Medchal
145Ravula .GCET Medchal
146Sri Harshitha .GCET Medchal
147Swathi .GCET Medchal
148Jayanti .GCET Medchal
149Satyakiran .GCET Medchal
150Yelamanchi ManidweepGCET Medchal
151Sandeep ReddyGCET Medchal
152Sarvesh .GCET Medchal
153Yennam .GCET Medchal
154Jatin .GCET Medchal
155Uday KumarGCET Medchal
156Alavala KrishnaGCET Medchal
157Ramesh .GCET Medchal
158Pradeep Reddy .GCET Medchal
159Pravallika .GCET Medchal
160Ramana .GCET Medchal
161Varun .GCET Medchal
162Uma MaheshwariGCET Medchal
163Keerthana .GCET Medchal
164Anisha .GCET Medchal
165Veerabommala .GCET Medchal
166Sanjay .GCET Medchal
167Chakka .GCET Medchal
168A Naveen .GCET Medchal
169Pujari .GCET Medchal
170Korada .GCET Medchal
171Keerthi .GCET Medchal
172Chinthoju .GCET Medchal
173Viduthala .GCET Medchal
174Anil KumarGCET Medchal
175Eswar HemantGCET Medchal
176Nidhi .GCET Medchal
177Abrar .GCET Medchal
178Chandana .GCET Medchal
179Chandra Varshini .GCET Medchal
180Loknath .GCET Medchal
181Swetha SaiGCET Medchal
182Ashish ReddyGCET Medchal
183Sri Moulika .GCET Medchal
184Revanth Reddy .GCET Medchal
185Manoj .GCET Medchal
186Deeksha HighGCET Medchal
187Lakshmi PraharshaGCET Medchal
188Thirunarayanapuram Venkata Deva BhargavaGCET Medchal
189Rahul RameshGCET Medchal
190Neha .GCET Medchal
191Pallolu .GCET Medchal
192Revanth Sai PraneethGCET Medchal
193Vecha .GCET Medchal
194Prashanth KumarGCET Medchal
195Katta MeghanaGCET Medchal
196Akhilandeswari Sanjana .GCET Medchal
197Srividya .GCET Medchal
198Mathangi .GCET Medchal
199Keshava Reddy .GCET Medchal
200Sai Aakanksha .GCET Medchal
201Venkata Krishna Revanth Naidu .GCET Medchal
202Manaswini .GCET Medchal
203Tulasi .GCET Medchal
204Greeshma .GCET Medchal
205Asila .GCET Medchal
206Swetha .GCET Medchal
207Shalini ReddyGCET Medchal
208Chirravuri .GCET Medchal
209Swathi .GCET Medchal
210Katkam .GCET Medchal
211Indravath SangeethaGCET Medchal
212Ravi ShankarGCET Medchal
213Sowmya ReddyGCET Medchal
214Likhita Naga SaiGCET Medchal
215Pandala .GCET Medchal
216Goruganti .GCET Medchal
217Prathyusha .GCET Medchal
218Mamatha .GCET Medchal
219Neerudi .GCET Medchal
220Shiva .GCET Medchal
221Tnd SindhuGCET Medchal
222Swapna .GCET Medchal
223Mada .GCET Medchal
224Veerla Anudeep .GCET Medchal
225Swarna LathaGCET Medchal
226Basupalli KavyaGCET Medchal
227Shaik .GCET Medchal
228Lalitha Priya .GCET Medchal
229Thakur Sushmitha .GCET Medchal
230Navya .GCET Medchal
231Sai Megana .GCET Medchal
232Mounica .GCET Medchal
233Affren NoorGCET Medchal
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