Examination Guidelines of GCET based on JNTUH guidelines

With reference to the directive issued by JNTUH vide Letter No. EB/806/2020, dated June 04, 2020, examinations (Regular and Supplementary) for the following years of various branches of B. Tech and MBA shall be conducted as per the guidelines issued by JNTUH and with the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) prepared by the college, given below:

Standard Operating Procedure for all Students, Faculty and Staff in the College

A Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) has been established for our college in order to provide for the safety of all  the employees, students their families against Covid-19. The measures to be adopted are as follows:
  1. All areas of the workplace namely, classrooms, labs, corridors, foyers, including the entrance gate of the building, canteen (Food in canteen shall NOT be served until further orders), lifts, washroom, walls and other surfaces shall be disinfected completely every day.
  2. All faculty, students and staff must wear masks, which are preferably N-95 as well as gloves. None would be allowed without masks.
  3. All Biometric systems shall be disabled until further orders.
  4. When we organize transportation for faculty, staff and students who use college transport we must ensure that each vehicle is only filled to 60% of passenger capacity wherein, in the three seater bench, two persons are seated, and  in the two seater bench, only one person is seated. All persons must ensure that they do NOT directly face any other person seated in the bus.
  5. All vehicles and any other item entering the campus shall be disinfected. Necessary measures for the disinfection of buses at the parking places and after reaching the college shall be taken. 
  6. Mandatory temperature/thermal scanning (with a contactless thermal thermometer) of every individual exiting the bus or the college campus shall be ensured and temperature reading should be below 370 C or 98.40 F.  If the reading is above this threshold, such staff should be advised to meet the Doctor and not to be allowed to enter the college. However, if any student is found suffering from fever or other Covid-19 symptoms, while entering into the college to write exams, for such students exams shall be conducted in the two rooms already identified (adjacent to old examination branch) and they shall be escorted to those rooms by the security staff.
  7. College shall provide an adequate supply of hand wash / sanitizer, with a touch free mechanism, in each floor of all blocks (buildings), at the main entrance gate, all washrooms in the campus, departments' offices, administrative office, in the canteen, and in the library.  
  8. Constituted a task force/vigilance team (which shall function under the leadership of Dean, Student Affairs), comprising faculty members who shall supervise and sensitize students about covid-19 related protection.
  9. Internal and external practical examinations for I, II, and III year B. Tech shall be conducted with the maximum number of students in the college campus from all the branches of all years put together not exceeding 1000/day. Mentors/faculty shall ensure appropriate social distancing is maintained during the lab exams by allotting free class rooms with necessary social distancing procedures during the transition time between two successive batches. No more than twelve students shall take the lab exam at any point of time.
  10. Staggered lunch breaks for faculty, staff and students shall be administered to facilitate social distancing.
  11. Meetings or gatherings of more than five people are discouraged. There shall be at least a three (03) feet distance between each student as well as faculty and staff while seated in classrooms / staff rooms. 
  12. Diagonal seating arrangement in classrooms is mandatory for students. In the laboratories and classrooms, a minimum of one meter distance shall be maintained between each student, faculty and staff. 
  13. The examination hall seating arrangements shall be such that, only one person per bench shall be be allocated and in successive benches the seating may be arranged in zig-zag (Diagonal) manner, so that the students seated on successive benches are NOT seated in one single column. 
  14. Only persons with a disability are permitted to use lifts, and all others use staircases. No more than three persons are permitted in a lift at one time.
  15. Spitting in the campus is strictly prohibited and if anyone violates the rule, he/she shall be henceforth prosecuted.
  16. All non-essential visitors are strictly barred from entering the campus.
  17. A list of all hospitals/clinics authorized to treat Covid-19 patients are made readily available at the campus.
  18. All employees above the age of 65 years are requested to ensure that they take extra-care of themselves by using face shield, over and above mask as well as gloves.
  19. College shall provide intensive training and communication on good hygiene practices,  to all faculty, staff and students.
With regard to the conduct of examinations during June-August, 2020, following new procedures have been proposed, in compliance with the UGC/TSSCHE guidelines, due to Covid-19 pandemic: 

a. All the end-semester examinations shall be conducted for a duration of two hours. However the maximum marks of external exams shall remain the unchanged. 
b. The pattern of examination shall be “Five out of eight question pattern”. There shall be no compulsory section with short answer questions. The questions shall be set/moderated such that the students can comfortably answer each question within 20 minutes time. 
c. Students attendance shall be calculated as follows:
i) Attendance on all the days during which the class work had been conducted shall be counted at par (actual)
ii) from the date when the lock-down (due to corona pandemic) was announced by the Government of Telangana, the students are deemed to have been present for all the online classes and full attendance for the entire lock-down period shall be granted. Considering the above two parameters, the lists of students who are detained due to shortage of attendance shall be prepared and shall be kept in college portal/website with intimation to students/parents. 
d. There shall be no credit based detentions for entering the academic year 2020-21. This relaxation is applicable to all the regular students as well as to all the students who were detained in previous academic years (and not attending the classes) due to shortage of credits. 
e. The semester-end examinations shall be conducted at our college only. 
f. IV year II semester B. Tech. Exams shall be conducted from 20-06-2020. The schedule of second mid-term examinations, and semester end examinations for IV year B. Tech shall be placed on the college portal/website. 
g. If any student is unable to attend the IV B.Tech. II semester exams due to mobility restrictions caused by corona pandemic, such students can appear for the advanced supplementary exams which shall be scheduled within forty five (45) days after the conduct of regular IV B.Tech. II semester exams. 
h. The even semester (regular) exams of I, II and III B.Tech. shall be conducted from 16-07-2020 and the odd semester (supplementary) exams of B.Tech. shall be conducted immediately after the regular exams i.e. from 03-08-2020. The commencement dates of semester exams of different courses is listed in the table below:

ProgramSemester end examinations commence from
B. Tech. IV-II regularIV-I SupplementaryI-II, II-II, III-II regular--------------
MBA II-II regular----------------I-II regular, I-I, II-I supplementary
M. Tech------------------------"I-II (regular), I-I (supplementary)"

i. For I, II, and III year B. Tech, Mid-term examinations, Internal and External lab examinations shall be conducted during 01-07-2020 to 15-07-2020
j. Date of commencement of supplementary examinations for I-I, II-I, III-I of B.Tech shall be announced in due course of time.

Midterm Examinations
  • For IV year B. Tech, Midterm Examinations - II shall be conducted during June 15-17 through "Online"
  • For I, II, and III year B. Tech, Midterm Examinations - II shall be conducted through "Online", and exact dates of these examinations shall be intimated in due course of time.

Important aspects for "Online" Midterm - II examinations
  • For each subject/course, question paper shall contain twenty five (25) questions of multiple choice questions for 25 marks, to be answered in forty five (45) minutes.
  • Students must ensure that they possess the user Id (login id) and password for this purpose.
  • If any student is NOT able to attend "Online" Midterm - II examination, such student may attend for another examination (Computer Based Test CBT) in the college which shall be scheduled after the completion of semester end examinations of second semester.

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