Campus Hiring Flow Tips for interview | DXC Technology


Aspiring Minds(AMCAT)  has partnered with DXC Technology for their campus hiring this year, the planned assessments and interviews will follow the below process.

a) Online Assessments - Assessments which will test the candidates on their Cognitive Ability + Coding skills, this will be a 2 hours test which requires :

  • A functional webcam
  • Smooth connection to internet
  • CV as per DXC's format
  • Updated Mozilla or Google Chrome browser only

b) Infra Check on Interview - After the candidates are shortlisted for the next round, they will have to go through a infra check where Aspiring Minds team will be sending them an email for a infra check test to be performed on their systems, also a representative may also be calling them from our end to make sure their system is compatible for a video interview, this requires:

  • A functional webcam
  • Smooth internet connection with speed of over 2 Mbps
  • Functional Mic and Speaker
  • Updated Mozilla or Google Chrome browser only

c) Video Interview (SmartMeet) - During the interview the candidate will have to join a link for the session, the details will be emailed to them 1 day before their interview, this interview will be with the Technical team at DXC, it will require:

  • A functional webcam
  • Smooth internet connection with speed of over 2 Mbps
  • Functional Mic and Speaker
  • Updated Mozilla or Google Chrome browser only


  1. The test will only run on a desktop or a laptop, it will not be functional on a mobile device.
  2. The test will be monitored through webcam at all times and the interview sessions are recorded, any malpractice attempt will result in immediate disqualification of the candidate's chance in DXC, also a disbarred candidate will also be not allowed to give any other Aspiring Minds facilitated test with the leading IT Services companies.
  3. The candidate will be duly informed of the process through emails, there will be no rescheduling of any assessment or interview if an email is missed by the candidate.

Important Tips for DXC  interview:
1. Login at least 30-45 minutes before and check/test your system, webcam, and mic settings

2.Wait for the interviewer at your scheduled time, he will join and take interview. If he join late also wait till he join and don't close the window, press refresh if you waiting for long time.

3. Check your internet bandwidth as it is video interview. Better not to depend on mobile data, check for alternative high speed bandwidth.

4. Importantly check your room lighting condition, No one moves in your background and no disturbance till you complete your interview

5. Close all your pop ups

6. If you are using Laptop better to keep it started before 30 minutes on your interview time.

7. Do not depend on mobile hotspot.

8. If you are still depend on mobile data please upgrade the bandwidth.

9. When you connect your laptop through mobile data ensure that you didn't receive any call from your friends. Because it may cause your introduction.

10. Please ensure proper power backup is ready.

11. As it is online virtual round it requires more data.

12. Please ensure no one is interfering and invisible in your web camera while the interview is going on.

13. If HR requests you to change your headphones or earphones, change it immediately (keep a spare earphone).

14. While delivering your answer to the HR keep the mic near to your mouth

15. Download your resume and keep it on Desktop. It should be in DXC Format. Resume File name should be proper..(it is like YourName_Resume.doc/.pdf)

16. Don't feel tense.. All the Interviewers are cool...

17. Keep a smile on your face..

18. If you don't hear the interviewer voice clearly,, inform the same that him/her that their voice is not audible.

19. Look towards the camera for sure

20. Use the Chat window and upload the resume if he is asking to do.

21. Don't worry if the interviewer is not asking for resume..

22. Prepare the Question "Why DXC" for sure

23. Be clear with your answers.If you don't know just say the same thing to them.